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Sources tell us the best way to get the President’s attention is by sending an old fashioned U.S. postal letter, i.e., snail mail.
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President & Mrs. Obama, The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20500
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Adopt me! The Obamas said...
they intended to adopt a dog. Mr. Obama was even featured in a book advocating adoption as a means to end puppy mills. When he accepted a gift of a $2000 dog, turning his back on the millions of suffering dogs he pledged to help, advocates were shocked and angered, knowing that for every dog purchased from a breeder, a shelter dog loses his chance to find a “forever home,” and is sentenced to death.videp

The President and Vice-President (who bought a dog from a puppy mill last fall) have fueled the dog breeding industry, ensuring puppy mills will prosper and millions more homeless pets will be euthanized, costing taxpayers BILLIONS.

Mr. Obama says America condemns torture, yet puppy mills, overseen by the USDA, are nothing short of legalized torture. Urge him to set a humane example by adopting, creating a win-win: Millions of Americans will be inspired to adopt, emptying the shelters, saving the U.S. billions of dollars, and Bo will have a friend. This simple act will go a long way toward undoing the damage done to the adoption and anti-puppy mill movement. Bo Needs A Friend. Please write the President. Ask him to adopt from a shelter or rescue group.
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Obama Family and Bo
Puppy mill dogs
The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, agrees that a playmate for Bo would be ideal - click on NBC interview above.
Even American Idol's Simon Cowell said in an interview he hopes the Obamas will adopt, and will gladly pay for the dog's food!
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